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Ebola Within Our Borders
By Daniel Irmihaev
Ebola, the deadly virus that has killed thousands in various West African countries this year, has made its way into the United States. The first American diagnosed with the virus within our borders, confirmed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Texas Department of State Health Services on September 30, is a man by the name of Thomas Eric Duncan. Mr. Duncan, who flew in from Liberia on September 21 to visit family…
An Ancient Disease Lies Behind the Anti-Israel Protests An Ancient Disease Lies Behind the Anti-Israel Protests
By Daniel Milyavsky
Where are the massive Free Kurdistan rallies?
As the barbaric Islamist terror group ISIS overruns Iraq, the Kurdish population there, in addition to religious minorities, is being threatened. There have been numerous documented cases of ISIS thugs beheading children. Sometimes these heads are placed on pikes in the town square for all to see. This is so horrifying that it almost doesn’t sound real, and yet anyone can see the pictures with a quick Google search…
Give Us Those Rocks, China
By Ross Marchand
With climate change looming out to the horizon and up to the atmosphere, clean energy is likely to proliferate. Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), generous subsidies, feed-in tariffs, and other mandates are the government’s way of catapulting wind, solar, and electric vehicle technologies to majority market shares. But are taking everything into account in our promotion of fossil fuel alternatives…
Economics Update Economics Update
By Sam Bondy
This past Friday October 3rd, the Labor Department reported September nonfarm payrolls grew by 248,000. This was compared with median projections of 215,000 (Bloomberg). Thus, the United States unemployment rate ticked down .2% to 5.9% for September (it was around 10% at the height of the most recent recession).
Despite this report, economists remain vigilant of other indicators of employment market health. This includes statistics such as the labor force participation rate, average hourly earnings…